Some of our games

Thrilling adventures

Strategic thinking is at the heart of these games. You must take on economic problems like developing a military power or even just building up your economy to afford it! These strategies will get more complex than more units become available for deployment across all fronts in this war zone that is society. But, don't worry because we have everything from unit guides ready to go whenever our heroes need them most.

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Alchemist games

This game has just released, and it's more fun than ever! If you like to experiment with chemicals, then this game will be right up your alley. A successful combo awards new items while providing their recipe within alchemy's own encyclopedia, which can also track progress made throughout different stages of gameplay. You can use the hints located in top left corner (or by clicking Search) that tells all about what's been discovered so far.

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Dog games

Cute puppy simulation game with fun tasks to complete! What's better than that? Play Simulator games to control this adorable animal and help him complete various tasks. Scratch carpets, break things or cause general mischief while being supervised by his owners--you must follow instructions given and get creative with what they say because there are no limits in how much time you have. Start playing today for an amazing experience!

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